The Queen Anne House

The Queen Anne house at the Round Barn Site was built in the summer of 1897. Joseph F. Wilson commissioned the house for his wife Victoria and their family. Construction of the Queen Anne style house began in July and was nearly completed in October of that year.

At the age of seventeen, Joseph enlisted in the United States Army with a Union Company out of the Confederate State of Missouri. He lost his left arm in the Battle of Shiloh which occurred on April 6, 1862. He recovered in a southern hospital and returned home in August of that year.

As an amputee, Joseph was somewhat limited as to how much he could help on his father’s farm. He began studying and became remarkably successful in real estate and banking and became the President of the Allerton State Bank.

On September 27, 2004, the 1897 Queen Anne was moved from its original location in Allerton and joined the other historic building at the Round Barn Site.

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