Challenge Coins Scavenger Hunt

Join the fun with so many in the community and partake in our yearly scavenger hunt!

How it works?

Each coin is engraved with a serial number. We hide them around the property each summer! Once hidden everyone in the community and tourists stopping through can search the property and join the scavenger hunt fun to find the coins. In 2018 the coins depicted the Round Barn with a short biography on the other side. For 2019 we designed the coins with the Williams School and in 2020 the coins depict the New York Church! We have placed a box with pencils and rules on how to play which stays up until all treasure has been found! Lucky hunters are asked to report the serial number of their coin at the “Treasure Finder Reporting Box” on site so we know when all of the coins have been discovered.


  • No Metal Detectors.
  • Please limit your bounty to 1 per person.
  • Nothing is buried.
  • No Digging.
  • Nothing higher than 6 ft.
  • No Climbing.
  • None are hidden in the buildings.
  • Additional coins may be purchased for $10 each.

All proceeds go towards maintaining and preserving the property and the International Center for Rural Culture & Art, Inc.

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